4 Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, car accidents often end badly. Every year about 2-3 million people are (permanently) injured and and every day about 90 people lose their lives as a result. Were you recently injured in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault? Then maybe you have a case. The first step is to hire a lawyer who specializes in ‘injury and/or ‘accident cases’ cases. How do you find out if someone’s the right lawyer for you? Ask him/her the following questions during your introduction interview:

1. Do You’ve Experience with Cases Like Mine?
Not every lawyer has experience with (personal injury after a) car accidents. One is more specialized in medical injury and the other in truck wreck accidents. In addition, the lawyer must have experience in how the accident happened. A drunk driver is a different matter than someone who hasn’t seen you while reversing out of a parking lot.

2. What Can I Expect as A Result of My Case?
Most lawyers won’t mention any specific outcomes or results, because this is simply not possible. Every case is different, especially if your case goes to court. But someone with experience with your kind of cases can present different outcomes, based on old cases.

3. Have You Had Trial Cases Before?
If your case goes to trial you don’t want someone who’s struggling because they’re barely experienced in trial cases. It puts your case in jeopardy and you’ve gone to all that trouble for nothing. So, make sure you choose someone who has already won a number of trial cases.

4. Does Your Law Firm Work With a Contingency Fee?
Your best option is to choose a law firm that works with a contingency fee. Why? The more money they can claim from the counterparty, the more money they make. With a contingency, lawyers who work your case will do more than their best because they get a cut of the money if they win the case.

Do you think you have a case? Then make sure you find the right lawyer. To help you get started, check out our relevant searches for car accident attorneys & injury lawyers.

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